Youth Center Volyn

  time: Long term project (started in 2015

Goal: to establish practical work with youth through open work of the center in the format of a hub or coworking space, with 4 areas of work: informal education, international work, patriotic education of youth, and student self-government.

Results: More than 300 events per year in the areas listed above. Detailed reports can be downloaded for reference.



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Volyn Youth Center is an open space for work, recreation and development of youth organizations of Volyn on the principles of accessibility and shared responsibility. This center is one of the first examples of reforming the state of youth policy, as a center working in the format of coworking or hub. 

This center provides free internet, bike racks, round-the-clock access, good technical support and convenient location in the center of the city of Lutsk.

Школа анімації в молодіжному центрі

Contact information of the center

Address  Volyn region, Lutsk. Street Hradnyi Uzviz 5
Phone +380 0950925166
Hours 10:00 – 19:00, daily.

Story: In 2014, the Youth Platform’s Youth Cultors’ Union trained a lot of projects, but the biggest idea at that time was the resource center for organizations that actually worked on it. During the work of the organization, it got enough support to implement the plan. It should have been a room of 100 meters where it is convenient and work and take measures at the same time. The concept of such a center was already written by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Ivan Krulko, and laid it out in the draft law.

These documents and principles were guided by the initiative group. After searching for such a building, the Volyn Eparchy of the UP KP, and personally, Bishop Mikhail, supported such an initiative of youth organizations, and allocated the premises to the premises of the seminary, which is in the center of the city of Lutsk. The actual space at the time of 2016 is 42 meters squared, which is not enough for large-scale events, so the center is in search of a larger room. On July 1, 2015, the Youth Center for Public Organizations was celebrated with the participation of the press, public organizations, civil servants and clergy. In 2016 the center opened a youth gallery on its walls – the “Art Corridor”, where young artists have the opportunity to present their works for presentation and sale for free. What does the center offer?Free space – for events and youth meetings, regardless of the registrar, or the direction of work.

Resource center – Equipment for activities and work. At the moment there are: sound amplifying equipment, projectors, microphones, television, screens, car, other equipment. You can get free resources from the administrator.Programs for the development of organizations and projects – Active Citizenz, Youth Worker, 3A: Activity, Advocacy and Ambitiousness.Assistance in the international work of the organization through collaboration with the British Council and the US Embassy in Ukraine, the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.Assistance in organizing events and youth projects.Volunteer work in dozens of youth projects such as Lets do it Ukraine (ecology), Bandershtat Festival (cultural and artistic events), International Youth Forum, and others. Team: Volunteers of Youth Center Volyn




  1. The director and founder of the center – Tkachuk Zakhariy
  2. Specialist of the direction “Informal Education” – Yana Romanyuk
  3. Specialist of the direction “Patriotic education of youth” – Victoria Misan
  4. Specialist of the direction “Student self-government” – Svetlana Milinchuk
  5. IT Administrator – Julia Tkachuk
  6. PeaceCorp Volunteer – Allison Stoner (California USA)


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