Lutsk Night Cinema

  Time: Started in July of 2012 (occurs monthly, up to 4 times a month)

Goal: Intellectual and cultural rest for youth through demonstration of content and value-oriented open-air cinema. Popularization of cinema among young people, proper cultural recreation and a healthy lifestyle.


We cannot display this gallery

Movie sessions take place formally in 2 main formats: evening and night. If the heat is outside the window (from the end of spring to the beginning of autumn), we go to the stadium of the SNU Lesya Ukrainka.

If the window is cold, we go to InnerSpace for an entire night. In the first case, spectators enjoy and contemplate high-quality cinema with a cup of fragrant coffee, when the sun sits behind the horizon and the sky is covered with stars. In the second case, the viewers take sleeping bags, friends or their other half, and warm themselves from the coolness of the streets, watching a variety of movies all night.

For example, this year we focus on well-known directors.Our cinematic shows take place in various places ranging from the racecourse, the stadium and the studio “Diamond”, as well as libraries, the castle of Lubart, anti-cafe, the church premises of the “We +” organization and the art gallery.

Our Team: Coordinator of the project: Yevgeniya Tkachenko

Project volunteers: Oksana Klotz, Maksim Drach, Vadim Kotsiuba, Bogdan Oleh, Margarita Fedina, Yuri Tikhonov, Andriy Kovalchuk, Sergei Shvorak, Ivan Galaddin.