Login Lutsk. Engage your life in your city.

Time: Presentation of the web portal was on January 4, 2018.

Goal: LoginLutsk is a platform where every citizen and city visitor can find information about existing nonprofit community initiatives and places where cultural, educational, activities for leisure, sports, and activities for self-development take place.  

Results: As of January 5, 2018, the site has 53 locations and community organizations, and 120 events on average for the month. The site is visited by approximately 30 people a day.

Site: https://login.lutsk.ua 

About the project:

It is an interactive map of community and active initiatives, as well as spaces of Lutsk. Working on the project, the team of site developers focused on creating a new identifier for Lutsk. The website contains information about community associations and information about educational, cultural, and entertainment events. LoginLutsk includes information about public spaces and the interesting locations in Lutsk. The uniqueness of the project is that event organizers can independently add their activities to the site and talk about them throughout the city. A site user can add events to their Google Calendar and post it over to social networks. Also, Lutsk citizens can independently attach their favorite locations to the map. Know about the events taking place in Lutsk!

Contacts: Hradny Uzviz 5, Lutsk

+38 095 092 51 66






The idea of ​​creating a web portal was born as part of a larger project to attract young people to active community work called “Lutsk Exploresion”. The goal was quite simple – teaching soft skills and practical project work in order to empower young people towards civic activity, helping the community, establish dialogue, developing philanthropy, and volunteerism among citizens. Young people can join the educational program via exp.lutsk.ua. Work on the site login.lutsk.ua started in the fall of 2017. The presentation of the current web-portal took place on January 4, 2018.

What does the site LoginLutsk offer?

On the main page of the site is a map of the city with a search box where the user can enter keywords. You can search for such categories as: volunteering, public associations, knowledge, culture, entertainment, sports, tourism, and society. By clicking on these categories on the map, the places and organizations that are associated with the selected word appear immediately.

               From the “Home” tab, scrolling down, you can see the calendar of events that will take place in Lutsk. By selecting an event and clicking on it, the user receives information about the event. Also on the “Home” tab you can find interesting facts about Lutsk and practical useful information: links to sites with information on traffic and schedules of minibuses and trolleybuses: Eway.in.ua, Mak.lutsk.ua, Lpe.at.ua; mobile applications: CityBus; Smart MAK, taxi services phones, bike rental contacts.               On the “Locations” tab you can find information about public associations and public spaces of Lutsk in the categories: volunteering, public associations, knowledge, culture, entertainment, sports, tourism, and society. 


fotos from the presentation of the project