International Youth Forum

  Time: Project started in 2013 (occurs once a year)

Goal: To establish cooperation between Ukrainian youth with youth from other countries through the setting up of a joint mission and the launch of youth projects in the field of cooperation and multiculturalism.

Results: 4 international forums have been held with the participation of young people from the USA, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Poland and France. Projects EnglishOK and Multicultural festival were an outcome of the International Youth Forum.


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Description of the event in 2016 from the media -Activists and volunteers from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and America have generated ideas for projects that will increase the mobility of Lutsk youth. To discuss, offer something new, and create a project was the opportunity during the first day of the International Youth Forum, on Friday, October 28. The meeting of active citizens was held according to the methodology of the “World Cafe”. For the participants of the Forum 10 issues of social importance were prepared and, accordingly, 10 tables. Dialogue was about cultural exchanges, academic exchanges, youth tourism, internal mobility, game technology, information exchange, professional exchanges, multiculturalism and entrepreneurship, planet protection and eco-collaboration, and overcoming stereotypes. Each participant could choose an interesting topic for themselves and submit their own idea for discussion.

During the “World Cafe” the activist has to change several teams and offer for each individual reasoning. The event was managed by facilitator, program director of the Institute for Policy Studies, Mikhail Voitovich. At each table sat the host of the table, who moderated everything that was going on within the discussion on a given topic. This person does not change their location.  “I am at the youth forum for the first time. This day I will remember very, very active preparation for it. Even here are very cool people who carry joy, positive, and with whom you just want to communicate, work, develop themselves and develop them. I think that after this project there will be a lot of ideas that really implement. The most difficult thing is that there are many ideas, but you need to choose one thing, something that can really be implemented, “- shares the impressions of the coordinator of the activists movement of the Volyn Youth Center and one of the hosts of the table Victoria Karpuk. After all the discussions, it’s time to protect the projects that have been worked out. Here the participants were struck by their originality and the ability to break stereotypes.

They talked about Hollywood stars with environmental rags, Quest “Real Life”, where communication with people and lack of gadgets is a must, multicultural festival B.U.U.M. (Belarus, Ukraine, USA, Moldova). The activists argued the need to involve students in the implementation of ideas, the creation of a theater of absurdity and the development of sites to attract as many young people as possible. The head of the Board of the NGO “Youth Platform”, the head of the Volyn Youth Center and one of the organizers of the Forum, Zakhar Tkachuk, expressed their opinion on such ideas and measures in general.

According to him, the fourth International Youth Forum is interesting because this time its organizers support a project that deals with mobility. Previously, such topics were not taken into account, but this year the activist hopes for more practical results.

“A forum when you speak, hear, get acquainted is also a result, but when you work together again, it’s a bomb in my opinion. I was 100% pleased with the idea of ​​a multicultural festival. I realized that there would be a group of Americans, Belarussians working there. A group will work, not one person who came up with something else,” said Zakhar Tkachuk.
Upon completion of the presentation of the ideas, the participants exchanged e-mail addresses for further implementation of the projects and shared their impressions.

“World Cafe” was the most interesting part of the forum. Personally, I visited 4 tables where topics that were related to tourism were discussed. It was best at the table of Leonid Tivnyuk, where we discussed game technologies. It is his immediacy, the ability to encourage us to think and interesting topics are remembered above all else. I hope the foreign guests have not been disappointed with the fact that all the action was Ukrainian. I look forward to the 2017 forum! “, – one of the activists Maxim Drach shared emotions.