Forum of Development for the City of Lutsk

  Time: Annual event (average occurrence of 2 times per year)

Goal: Development of a strategic vision of the future of Lutsk, building trust and cooperation among citizens through dialogue and small joint social projects for the city.

Results: Supported 3 projects: Dad-fest, Western Ukrainian Media Forum, and project “Social Containers of Lutsk”


Description from the media –  What will Lutsk be like, 10 years later, in which direction our city is moving and are we with it, how can we impress tourists and how can we make money for the development of culture, education and urban space? Over 100 Lutsk residents searched for answers to these questions during the Forum of the City Development, which took place on Saturday, May 28. It is worth noting that this is the first event like this in Lutsk. After all, concrete ideas and projects were made by the city’s inhabitants themselves, after which special volunteers – “custodians” – systematized all the information and voiced a rather concise action plan for both the short-term and long-term prospects.

According to one of the organizers of the event, program director of the Institute for Policy Studies, Mikhail Voitovich, the ideas that have been developed will not remain on paper only, they will be handed over to the Center for Strategic City Development Planning at the Lutsk City Council.


“This is the first public event in Lutsk on the development of the city’s development strategy. I am convinced that today’s day can be called the beginning of the development of this important document “, – said Mikhail Voitovich.


The Lutsk residents who took part in the forum will be able to apply for funding of their projects, another organizer said, the chairman of the Board of Management of the Youth NGO “Youth Platform” and the head of the Volyn Youth Center Zakhar Tkachuk. “We are ready to support some projects in a resourceful way. Unfortunately, we will not be able to fund everyone. If it will be those projects that were born today here on the forum, we want to finance them. These will be the fastest victories that were spoken here today, “said Zakhar Tkachuk. More here –


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