NGO “Youth Platform” sees one of it’s missions as the development of human capital – young people. The modern labor market and a dynamically developed world require rapid reactions and new competencies. Ukraine today has a significant problem with cohesiveness and community capacity building. It was for their support and development that our organization, together with the British Council in Ukraine, conducted 3 project contests (social projects) within the framework of the Active Citizens Program.

1. Pitching of social projects in the field of tourism in the city of Lutsk – together with the Lutsk City Council (Department of Tourism and Promotion of LMR)

Total Budget: 200,000 UAH

Project winners:
1. Romantic and mystic – Bohdan Klimchuk (Theatrical tour of the old Lutsk)
2. A series of videos – Ruslana Poritskaya (a series of videos about the famous people from Lutsk of the past)
3. Light-shadow map of Lutsk – Nazarchuk Maria (installation of a map of Lutsk that will be reflected through the shade of metalwork)
4. Here I was – Taras Pakholyuk – (insert art-design for free exchange of ideas by the people of Lutsk)
5. Medieval Lutsk – Sergey Vashchuk (festival of medieval culture and knight fights in the beginning of fall of 2017)
6. Creative quay – Sasha Gusar – (setting the recreation area on the Lutsk beach in the form of a tree construction)
7. Lamp-fest – Dmitry Bezverny (documentary film festival – will be held at the end of summer 2017)
8. Lutsk font – Kirill Tkachev (making a font for the city of Lutsk with free download on a social network)
9. Bicycle infrastructure – Alexander Struk (bike parking in the historical part of the city of Lutsk)

I. Pitching of social projects for the living region “Priboshya” from one fund of the people’s deputy of Ukraine – Igor Hoozya 

General budget: 200,000 UAH

III. Pitching of Social Projects in Knydhinivskoy OTH (Volynska Oblast)

General budget: 80,000 UAH 

Projects winners: – the contest is in progress