“Youth Platform” (NGO “Youth Platform”) is an independent association of public organizations active in the development of the public movement and youth policy of Ukraine. Facilitate the institutional development of organizations working with young people.

The public organization “Youth Platform” is legally registered on December 28, 2013, although it existed since 2011 as an informal environment for communication and coordination of organizations in the Volyn region. In 2011, an agreement was signed in Lutsk to create a union of public organizations in Lutsk and Volyn called “Youth Platform” among five non-governmental organizations. In early 2013, the union of non-governmental organizations already included 16 organizations of Lutsk and Volyn.

The organization has 3 main focuses of work:

1. EDUCATION FOR YOUTH Teaching youth soft skills and basic public competences through non-formal education. This is accomplished with assistance of various educational programs: Active Citizens from the British Council in Ukraine, Youth Worker Program of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine and UNDP in Ukraine, their own leadership program “Explore/sion”. Programs are implemented cyclically through trainings, seminars, study visits, and implementation of small social projects by participants.

2. INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS One of the main directions of the organization’s work is to promote the institutional development of youth organizations and organizations working with young people. This includes the work of a service project such as the Volyn Youth Center (provision of premises, resources, grants, consultations for the non-governmental sector), various forums, workshops for establishing communication, innovative methods for the development of organizations, or informal youth movements.

3. DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN CAPITAL The modern labor market and the dynamically developed world need quick reactions and new competencies that youth are being called upon to provide. In this area we offer contests of social projects, pitching youth ideas, and assistance in organizing competitions for local self-government, in order to win money for social actions. Important tools for development of this area include forums and conferences (such as International Youth Forum, City Development Forum), which are intended to provide knowledge and opportunities for the development of young people.

The organization works with the aim of joint action of the youth wing of the public. The purpose of the work is the institutional development of the youth environment of the region, increasing the capacity of the members of the organization to perform statutory duties and building public movement in the key to sustainable development of the young person. Now the union has more than 20 organizations working with young people who have different membership numbers.

The governing body is the Board of Governors and the Chairman of the Board, which has the right to sign on behalf of the Union. At the moment, the Board of Directors consists of 10 members, of which 60% are women. The organization has a control and revision commission consisting of 3 persons elected from among the non-governmental activists who are not related to the organization.

During its work (including 2015) the organization realized a lot of projects, events and camps. Some of them were implemented with the support of government organizations, namely:

  1. Youth camp Lovchak 2014, 2015 and 2016 (historical and sports youth camp at the site of the tract Vovchak, one of the largest schools of elders of the UPA Army);
  2. Project “Youth Center of Volyn” (project of free space for study, work and recreation of NGOs in the format of HUB on a free basis) (yc.volyn.net), 
  3. International Youth Forum 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 (the form of innovation in youth policy and the work of non-governmental organizations of Ukraine) (mmf.uk.re)

The organization actively cooperates with donors and grant institutions, the largest projects that have been implemented over the past 2 years:

  1. A series of mini-grants from the British Council’s “Active Citizens” program in Ukraine. (Urban development projects from Volyn youth organizations, with the help of mini-grants managed to attract more than 500 thousand UAH to youth organizations of Volhynia););
  2. The project “Youth will change the world” by B. Havrylyshyn (project of professional training of young professionals in different directions – politics, economics, culture, agriculture in the Federal Republic of Germany for the purpose of multiplication of experience in Ukraine); ISAR “Institutional Development Training” project “Unity” (proct of institutional development for organizations of the union for the development of strategic vision and financial sustainability;
  3. Many projects were implemented on their own or with the help of private investors, own contributions or socially responsible business;

Багато проектів було здійснено власними силами або за допомогою приватних інвесторів, власних внесків чи соціально відповідального бізнесу:

  1. Youth camp “Berestechko 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and we look forward to supporting this project Ministry of Agriculture and Youth in 2016 (historical and cultural campground on the spot of one of the most battles of the Khmelnytsky region of 1651 with the participation of young people from all over Ukraine, which takes place 3 days in the historical Reconstruction of the life of the small Cossack Sich)
  2. Teaching “Youth Worker” (programs for enhancing professional skills for civil servants working with youth and community leaders, implemented by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, UNDP, Family and Youth Institute)
  3. Ecological Tooka “Make Ukraine clean – 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 (the global environmental movement, which is being implemented within the framework of Ukraine as a day-to-day cleaning of the territory with the attraction of 3-4 thousand people in the Volyn region)
  4. Night cinema project “Lutsk Night Cinema” (multinational cultural project for the development of Ukrainian cinema and directing in the form of open cinema surveys at the Lutsk stadium with the participation of 300-500 people for viewing)

Regarding the projects concerning the dialogue within Ukraine, the work with the HOP and the Crimean Tatar youth, the following projects were carried out in 2015:

  1. Socio-cultural project “Crimea.UA” for Crimean Tatar youth. Crimean Tatar youth from different corners of Ukraine visited Crimea. Forced settlers from the peninsula met Volyn’s culture and talked about theirs;
  2. Openspace “Transformation of society in the context of external aggression” in the framework of a study visit of young people from Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and Starobelska to Lutsk;
  3. The Dialogue project is a series of activities aimed at organizing joint leisure activities for internally displaced persons and internally displaced persons.
  4. The project “Art therapy” – assistance to children with psychological trauma (children of immigrants from the east of Ukraine, children of participants and dead in the ATO zone), with the help of art therapy.
  5. Educational visits of journalists to Lutsk from the East with the support of the Volyn Press Club to establish communication and overcome stereotypes.

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